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No matter what anyone says, size does matter. In fact it’s so important, if you aren’t getting added size with a male enhancement pill, why even use it?

So do you get added size with Irexis?

You’re promised added size, harder erections, and greater control over your orgasms, more intense pleasure and a stronger, more frequent desire for sex with Irexis.*Results may vary on individual.

Irexis comes with a lot of promises, but what male enhancement pill doesn’t? There are proven ingredients available that do help give you added size, which leads to added confidence, which leads to better sex. But does Irexis hold up to all the promises you see on the official site?

What I’ve learned from reviewing Irexis

First thing I noticed was the l-arginine in the formula. Why is l-arginine something I’m happy to see in male enhancement pills? It’s because there are so many studies out there today about the benefits of taking l-arginine. L-arginine boosts the compound nitric oxide in the body. *Results may vary on individual.

Nitric oxide plays a crucial role in regulating blood flow. By increasing nitric oxide in the body, blood flows easier to your penile chambers to make getting an erection much easier. It’s also an important process that delivers key nutrients throughout the entire body to help improve your overall health. *Results may vary on individual.

And while the l-arginine is a great ingredient to see, it’s common so there’s not anything special by having l-arginine alone. What’s important is the other ingredients you find in Irexis. Do they really provide the support you need to give you the added size and better sex you’re looking for? *Results may vary on individual.

Irexis is also made with ginseng, a perfect ingredient to complement the benefits of taking l-arginine. Ginseng naturally supports l-arginine in the process of increasing nitric oxide within the body. *Results may vary on individual.

By increasing the amount of blood available in the penis, you will notice your erections feel harder, probably a lot harder for most men, and you’ll notice they’re longer and thicker. *Results may vary on individual.

Now that’s one aspect, and with Irexis you also get the benefits of natural ingredients shown to increase your sexual appetite. *Results may vary on individual.

Because a lack of passion is often the result of low testosterone, it’s not surprising to see an ingredient like tribulus terrestris in here. But the combination of yohimbe and tribulus terrestris isn’t as common and it can make a big difference for putting you in the mood as it naturally boosts your testosterone levels. *Results may vary on individual.

The final key ingredient is the maca root in Irexis. Maca contains key amino acids and fatty acids that work with the body to increase sperm production according to some studies. It’s also used to increase energy levels and increase sexual desire. *Results may vary on individual.

This is a solid formula with some impressive ingredients you really do want to be taking. From what people are saying, it does deliver on the promises. *Results may vary on individual.

I do wish I could find the supplement facts listings on the Website, but with the results people are taking and the 90-day, money-back guarantee, I would recommend Irexis. *Results may vary on individual.

What About the Price of Irexis?

Irexis is a little more expensive than the male enhancement pills we’ve rated above it at $49.99 for a single bottle on the official Website , but when you order three bottles, you can get it for about $33 a bottle and when you order 5, you get it for $30 a bottle.

I wouldn’t choose the single bottle option when you can get it for less. Most men will definitely be getting more than a bottle after they see the results with the first bottle.

My Recommendation on Irexis

I would recommend Irexis without hesitation. The formula is solid and results from customers have shown men are getting the satisfaction they want with Irexis.

You should be able to count on Irexis to give you the added size you want along with harder, thicker erections. You’ll probably notice the way it boosts your libido before noticing the improvement in your size and erections. So go ahead and give it a try, and don’t forget to let us know what you thought of Irexis.