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Checkout the official Zyrexin Website and the price definitely stands out. You can get two bottles for less than what you pay for one bottle of most male enhancement supplements.

However, don’t forget, the price that’s this low doesn’t matter if Zyrexin doesn’t work. If Zyrexin doesn’t make you last longer in bed, boost your libido, make it easier to get erections or give you the size you want and the satisfaction you’re looking for, it could cost a dollar and it would be a waste of money. *Results may vary on individual.

For $29.95 and a 60-day guarantee, you could just try Zyrexin and send it back if it doesn’t work. Or you can find out if it’s even worth the hassle to do that by reading this review.

Here’s What You’ll Really Get with Zyrexin

You can see the price is right, but what about the formula and the results you can expect?

Interestingly enough, your supposed to see results the first time taking it. I can say, I did notice it working that very first time. It’s not like it instantly worked but after like 30 minutes, it was definitely working. *Results may vary on individual.

Most men writing about using Zyrexin have seen similar results. I’ve read about men getting harder than ever before while taking Zyrexin for the first time or after a few uses. *Results may vary on individual.

It works so fast because of the ingredient butea superba, a patented compound shown to help men overcome erection problems. *Results may vary on individual.

Butea superba is a Asian root that’s been used for centuries in Asia. It’s been used for erectile dysfunction and for boosting the libido. It definitely puts you in the mood. Some studies indicate it acts extremely similarly to hormones that regulate your sexual function. By introducing these chemicals, your body instantly recognizes it’s time for sex. *Results may vary on individual.

Is this Ingredient Safe?

Butea Superba is a natural ingredient and hasn’t shown any side effects. I haven’t been able to find any evidence of side effects, even minor side effects you might expect from taking any supplement. *Results may vary on individual.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Zyrexin?

I mentioned the price on the official site where you can order Zyrexin is $29.95 for two bottles, which is where I recommend you purchase it. But if it’s more convenient, you can find it in a number of retail stores including Walmart, GNC, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens to name a few.

Overall, Zyrexin is one of the best priced male enhancement supplements and if you’re looking for fast results, you can’t beat Zyrexin. *Results may vary on individual.