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Reg Price: 80 Lowest Price: $39.95 - $50

Product Description

SizeVitrexx is a vaso-capillary expanding product that promises to enhance the size of the male penis, making it longer, thicker and more powerful. The supplement is made by the company Cybex Biotech and marketed and sold exclusively online. The website for SizeVitrexx is extremely informative and contains several different sections, videos, customer testimonials and product ratings, diagrams to explain the way the formula works and an endorsement from the well-known adult film star Ron Jeremy who states that the results are ‘incredible’ and that all the men in the adult film business are using the product. There is an FAQ section that covers many different questions about the supplement, how to use it and the ordering process and the site also explains why having a larger penis is so important for good sexual performance and pleasing the sexual partner. While there are many similar male enhancement products already on the market, including oral capsules and various devices such as pumps, the SizeVitrexx website includes a chart that compares several of the most popular supplements with the SizeVitrexx formula. The manufacturer claims that what makes SizeVitrexx stand out among other products on the market is the fact that not only is the formula ‘revolutionary’ but that it works inside the penile chambers, the corpus cavernosum and corpus sponge, providing an accelerated expansion that creates a powerful erection that is sustainable for a longer period of time. Information on the site describes and illustrates exactly how the formula penetrates the area, relaxing the blood vessels in a process called vasodilation, and allowing more blood to enter the penis. According to the manufacturer, by doing so, the average user of SizeVitrexx gains up to 2” in penis length and ¾” in girth, although they also state that some men have achieved a 4” increase in length. In addition to the improvement in size, it is also said that the ingredients in the SizeVitrexx proprietary formula support an improvement in sexual stamina, allowing the male to perform longer, a reduction in the risk of premature ejaculation, stronger orgasms and an ability to thrust harder, all of which are things that women want in a man.

Product Formula

The formula for SizeVitrexx is an all-natural blend of high potency ingredients which the manufacturer claims have been tested in clinical studies. The website provides copies of lab reports for several of these key ingredients to demonstrate their effectiveness is the vasodilation process and effectiveness in creating longer, harder erections. It is said that the TriActive formula works in three ways, supporting the release of Nitric Oxide, a substance that is essential to the vasodilation process, improving the libido and supporting the circulation, all of which add up to an enhancement in overall sexual performance. However, another important aspect of SizeVitrexx is that it also affects the damaging properties of PDE5, inhibiting the action of this enzyme which in turn promotes blood flow to the penis, and also helps release unbound calcium which plays a role in delaying ejaculation.

p>The key active ingredients used in SizeVitrexx are all listed on the product website and on the bottle label. Because it is a proprietary formula, individual ingredient amounts aren’t disclosed but the main ingredients are explained in detail on the site. The formula uses two essential amino acids in the blend, L-Citrulline and L-Arginine, the first helping to facilitate the absorption of the formula for better performance and the second to support the production of Nitric Oxide. These two ingredients are joined by several other popular male enhancement ingredients, Tribulus Terrestris, which support the release of vital male hormones that affect virility and sexual potency, Tongkat Ali, a sexual stimulant that has been used traditionally in Asia to give men more sexual power and Butea Superba, a natural compound from Thailand that is used to support penis size and function.

SizeVitrexx should be taken twice a day, and there should be no complications caused such as upset stomach, headaches or over-stimulation.

Ordering Details

Each bottle of SizeVitrexx contains a 30-day supply and can be purchased from the website at a cost of $39.95. However, the manufacturer offers a number of different ordering options for consumers, and it is more cost-effective to buy several bottles per order. The ‘best value’ deal provides 5 bottles for $119.95 while the most popular option costs $79.95 for 3 bottles. Whatever amount the consumer orders, the manufacturer supplies an ‘iron clad’ 90-day money back guarantee.


  • SizeVitrexx contains a high-potency formula with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
  • There is a 90-day refund term
  • The product is endorsed by a well-known adult film actor
  • Key ingredients are listed, illustrated and explained in detail
  • There are several purchasing options for consumers
  • Ingredients have been clinically studied
  • SizeVitrexx is said to support several aspects of sexual performance


  • Contact details for Cybex Biotech are limited
  • Some of the ingredient information is confusing
  • Free samples aren’t offered

The Bottom Line

The manufacturer of SizeVitrexx certainly provides a lot of information to help the consumer understand exactly how it works in terms of supporting an improved erection for more satisfying sexual performance. While it is appreciated that they supply copies of lab tests and patents for the key ingredients, it would be helpful to see actual clinical results of human trials rather than simply stating how much improvement can be expected, especially when there is already so much cynicism surrounding products such as this. The fact that it does contain L-Arginine is positive as this is one of the most important ingredients to factor in Nitric Oxide production but seeing actual ingredient amounts would be useful. Overall, SizeVitrexx appears to be a high quality product that isn’t overly expensive but ultimately it may not produce the huge improvements in penis size promised on its website.

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